Glad To Meet You

Eagle Peak Marketing has a team of experts to bring your site the best digital marketing strategies. From in-depth content that captures long tail search terms to curated social media profiles that engage the community, we have your solution.

We’ll assign a dedicated contact person to attend to your needs. Our services are affordable and effective – you can even get special packages that fit your company’s needs and goals.


Why Choose Us

Eagle Peak Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency.

We build, maintain, optimize and rank websites for law firms.

We have extensive experience in search marketing techniques and follow a referral-only client policy. We only work with firms that have been referred to us, because trust matters.

We are a small agency. That allows us to focus on creating deeper connections with our clients, drilling down to find out exactly how your goals can best be reached.

We are at the cutting edge of internet marketing technology.

Our Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO will increase your online visibility and drive traffic, targeting potential clients with the content they want.. We take a mixed-media approach to internet marketing, hitting all the bases that Google, Bing and Yahoo have laid out for websites. After rounds of keyword data analysis, content drafting and scrupulous editing, you’ll get high-quality, informative articles and blog posts, plus engaging videos and eye-catching images – all of which will boost your site’s place in the rankings.

Social Media Marketing

Social media sites present the best opportunity for companies to drive the conversation and interact with potential clients. The average American now spends over two hours every day on social media. You should be influencing the discussion. We can help manage your reputation on social sites and improve your visibility, while you concentrate on growing your business.

Content Marketing

The content on your website should make a good impression. It should be clear, accurate and welcoming. It should be informative, truly answering your reader’s questions, and on-brand. It should also follow your state’s rules on attorney advertising. We’ve been crafting content like that for years. Our expertise can help your brand soar.

Digital Ads

Advertising your brand online helps you reach more people. Go beyond your existing networks. Our tailored social media ad campaigns can help you find potential clients quicker. 

Website Design

Think about your website as your firm’s online face. It’s how potential clients first get to know you, so it should accurately and attractively represent your firm to the world. Design and aesthetics, to say nothing of user experience, should be paramount in your priorities.  Our web designers have extensive experience delivering eye-catching, responsive websites. It’s your digital home. We’ll take good care of it. 

Website Development and Management

Don’t know anything about site migration, hosting rates and download speeds?Most companies have websites, but few have the time and expertise necessary to develop and manage them. Just like the internet, your website should be in constant evolution, improving as technology advances. We have the tools and expertise to upgrade, support and maintain your site.

Digital Marketing Consultations

Digital marketing is a broad domain, encompassing myriad strategies, channels and messages. Your firm might not benefit from every strategy. We are experts who will work with you to determine the best strategies for your company. We have all the tools and expertise to track your online campaigns and gauge results.