Thanks to Google searches, small businesses are now visible to everyone who may be looking out for their products and services. If your company doesn’t have a Google My Business Page, you’re losing out on a majority of your clientele to competition.

One of the best ways for a law firm to find clients is through Google search. Word of mouth can get to a few people, but to serve a broader clientele and grow the business, you need to have a listing on Google Maps.

Before you get to appear on the map, you need to understand a few things about Google searches. First of all, your website needs to be fast, especially when loading data. It also needs to have content that is relevant to what your clientele is looking for.

Search engine crawlers determine a lot of things in a few seconds before they can show your company on the first page of Google. The reason you should aim to be on the first page is that most people do not look past the first page.

Secondly, you need to have a physical office and address that you can register on google maps. That way, people who are on the lookout near your neighborhood, town or city can trace your office with ease.

Below is a simple guide for a law firm to appear in the Google search maps.

Step-By-Step Guide On Registering For Google My Business

It all Starts From a Personal Email

Having a Google email has many benefits. It opens up some major opportunities, and it’s the first step in listing your business on the map. Starting from a personal email also shows you as the administrator and gives you all the controls.

From your email, open a Google+ page for your business. If you don’t have a personal Google+ page, start from there then move on to opening a business Google+ page.

Choose Your Business Type

There are three options when choosing a business type. They appear as storefront, service area and brand. Since law firm is in the service industry, you’ll select the second option which will automatically take you to the google maps. Choosing a brand will not have your business listed on the map.

Use the Correct Address

On the map, pick up your location so that when people look for you, they can find you at that exact location. Google sends a postcard to your address that arrives after two weeks. The note carries your address verification code that will confirm to Google that you’re correctly listed.

Your Dashboard

On the business page, proceed to the dashboard to add or edit other details such as your photo, phone numbers, hours of operation and any additional information that you’d like your prospects and clients to discover about you.

Synchronize your Google Services

Chances are you’re using other Google business tools. You can synchronize all of them under one page for easy access. These include AdWords, Feedburner, Analytics and Adsense, among others.

Get Reviews

Get your clients to review your business after service so that prospects can get to read about your previous work. People always go for the most reviewed companies as it shows popularity and excellence.