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Working with a well-established firm has many advantages. Don’t miss out on the best opportunity to improve your firm’s visibility and reach. Eagle Peak Marketing’s SEO services help your site stay relevant at the top of the search rankings. Google, Yahoo, Bing – we know what search engines are looking for. 

The higher you rank, the more clicks you receive. It’s simple internet economics. More clicks means more people learning your firm’s name. 

We can help your website’s search ranking soar. You don’t need tricks and black hat techniques. All you need is to give Google, and your potential clients, what they want – well-written, informative content that answers their questions.

But our services only start with high-quality content, because that’s just one piece of the SEO puzzle. Search is ever more local. You’ll need a mature local SEO strategy to capture the eyes of your potential clients. Good thing we can help with that, too. 

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Not every web developer is an SEO expert. Lots of companies say they do SEO, but only make minor changes to your site. We’re different – truly passionate about SEO.  We can deliver what your firm needs to stay ahead of the competition.  Some of the things that our SEO experts will do to improve your firm’s visibility include:

  • Write and edit content to be displayed on the website
  • Diagnose and fix SEO errors on your site
  • Update your website in accordance with best practices to ensure optimal performance
  • Build your site from the ground up


The effectiveness of any digital marketing strategy is determined by results after rolling out the strategy. We have the advanced tools necessary to track the performance of every SEO campaign, ensuring that your marketing budget is well-spent. Our SEO experts track the performance of the strategy using the following guidelines:

  • All tracking codes are put in place
  • Monitor the pages that are generating sales
  • Monitor the performance of any content published
  • Get detailed data of the overall performance
  • Have the SEO improved as per the data measured


High-quality content is more than picking a keyword to target. Our writers craft engaging, informative content that captures attention – all optimized to exacting SEO standards. 

Our SEO experts ensure that:

  • The law firm has a content strategy in place to have SEO work accomplished
  • There is detailed research on competitors and keyword usage
  • Any content written from the law firm is optimized by an SEO expert before its published
  • Content is clear, intelligent and welcoming, geared toward non-legal professionals

Conversion Tactics

SEO will be useful if the site is focused on conversion strategies. The SEO test should show the website performance in driving leads to the firm and have more cases trusted on them. Eagle Peak Marketing specializes in the law firm’s digital advertising, has done enough research, and are aware of the conversion tactics that work for law firms.

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